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3 Tips for Marketing Your Ebook

Self-publishing via ebook is a simple yet effective means of selling your book, especially if you are a beginning author. Depending on where you publish your ebook, the prices and range of your audience will vary. But in order for your ebook to be successful, you need to be aware of how you are going to market it. It is obviously not as simple as posting your book online and sharing it with a few friends.

Here are a few tips to help you get started marketing your ebook.

Start A Social Media Following 

Having an online presence is not just recommended for authors in our current age of technology…in fact, it is essential. And all the more so if your books are going to be sold online. Without being active on social media, you will lose a huge audience for your book. And if you decide to publish via ebook, it will be all the more difficult, if not impossible, to attract readers.

Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook are very popular and great places to start. Use them to connect with other writers, share content relevant to writing, and share updates or sales about your book. You can also start your own blog on a site like WordPress or Blogspot. This will get your own writing available online to potential readers. It is also an opportunity to have your own ‘corner’ of the Internet to share writing-related material, and posts relevant to your book.

As you gain more followers and your internet attention grows, stay in connection with them. Always give your followers a reason to stay interested in your upcoming content. Continuously advertise your book on your websites, and offer discounts or special sales.

Be Aware Of Your Audience

You want your ebook to attract attention, yes. But more importantly, you want to attract attention specifically from readers who are interested in the type of book you are selling to them. Part of marketing your ebook involves knowing exactly what audience you want to show your book to. Obviously you can’t share your ebook with the whole Internet. But you can share it with certain online communities with common interests.

For example, if your book is historical-romance, advertise your ebook on websites specifically for historical-romance. Connect with other writers of the same genre. Build your social media presence in such a way that readers who notice you immediately know you are a historical-romance writer…you can do this with the way you word posts, media, as well as choice in font and design.

This way, readers who know they want historical-romance will find your book quicker and easier. And there will be a lot less people who aren’t interested in your book and will skim by it.

Invest In Your Book Cover Design

If you are going to go into marketing your ebook, book cover design becomes all the more important to your book’s success. Your book cover is the first exposure any potential readers will get. If they are browsing online and happen to stumble on your book, the quality of your book cover will measure their chances of buying and reading it. On the Internet it is much easier to scroll past an ebook that does not look interesting. And a book cover is the first indication of how interesting an ebook will be.

This is why, especially if you decide to publish your book online, you should invest in a compelling book cover design. The cheap route is not always better, if you decide to hire a professional to help design your cover you can expect to catch the attention of more readers. Take the time to research which designer you want for your book cover. And most of all, don’t neglect on the quality of your book cover in favor of saving on time or expense.

Again, remember that the more time you put into book cover design, the more readers you will attract to your book!

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