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5 Precious Tips Every Author Should Know

There used to be a time when writing was the sphere of a few people and these people were well versed in the literature of the day. Today, the dawn of the information age has turned nearly everyone into an author, however, not all authors are created equally. There are people who write things which take you to entirely new and different worlds. Their skills on the paper are matchless. On the other end of the spectrum is a breed of men who shouldn’t have been allowed to write in the first place, the stuff these people write is not worthy of anyone’s time.

Not everyone is born in the category of talented people but there are certain techniques we can all use to improve our writing. This is a collection of those five precious tips which can make you stand out in this crowd where everyone is an author.

Think – Before You Actually Write

Too many people underestimate the value of sitting down and planning for what they intend to write. Thinking before writing should be one of the essentials of writing. Too many people act on their impulses as if there is a pressure on them to produce something, they have no regards to what’s going to be published. They forget the impact this type of work can have on their reputation a decade down the line. It’s not said for nothing that ‘literary mistakes have very long shadows,’there is truth to it.

So, the best thing you can do for your writing right now is to take a short break and decide on what you’re going to write and how you’re going to write it. Know your audience and understand the goal you want to achieve with the piece you’re writing. Having a look at what your competitors are doing and the reaction of readers towards their content will also be very helpful.

When in Rome, Do As the Romans Do

For any author, it is paramount that they understand what they’re trying to share with their audience. Regardless of the target market, it can be a research paper which is going to be presented at a conference of nuclear physicists. It can also be an article which is going to be published in a magazine for teenage girls telling them which shoes are going to match a certain type of dress on their prom night. As an author, you would also be expected to write and talk to the creative directive and agents etc., it is very important that you speak the language they speak after all your bread and butter depends on it. Besides, it’s just poor show if you can’t get your point across considering that you’re supposed to be a man (or woman) of words.

Stop Beating about the Bush

There are few things worse than leaving your readers guessing the point you’ve tried to make. Even though it may be essential in a suspense novel to keep the reader guessing the details of the plot till the very end but the details need to be clear on their own. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity in whatever has been shared with the reader until that point. The reader is an intelligent individual who also respects the value of his time, he’s not going to waste a large chunk of his time reading what you’ve presented if there is no clarity in it. No one gets marks for encouraging confusion. In the rare possibility where you’re required to make a choice between clarity and brevity, always go for clarity but use fewer words to make your point in all other cases. Remember, this isn’t school where the one who wrote the longest reports and assignments got the maximum marks.

Develop a Style

Those who study literature at college develop a shorthand of a kind where they learn to identify the works of an author by his style of writing. Developing a unique personal style allows readers to feel more connected to the author since he has shared a part of himself with them and they feel privileged for this access. This goes for authors of all kinds whether you’re writing a novel or you’re a blogger. Having a personal style gives you an unprecedented level of access to people’s hearts and minds and they willingly open up to the ideas you present them since they’ve learned to trust you.

Developing a unique voice isn’t that hard. You can begin talking about things you have experience doing and can incorporate in your style of writing. Another thing is to become more self-aware, a better understanding of yourself will allow you to develop your unique voice.
One thing which greatly inhibits many of us writing is the fear of being judged. Unless you let go of this fear, the inner voice will face obstacles. Letting go of this fear should be the first thing whenever you put your pen on paper. Or your fingers on your keyboard. There is no shortcut for this, you will have to do it on your own but the rewards of doing so are matchless.

Evoke Powerful Emotions

This is the most amazing power a writer can have. The power to evoke strong emotions of their readers at will. Doing so isn’t even difficult as almost every reader wants to really feel something when he takes the plunge and dives into what you’ve written. He’s made up his mind now it’s your turn to give him something he deeply craves. This isn’t limited to those who write novels in fact every piece of writing should incorporate this approach.
Every piece of writing should be a journey for the reader, it must be a joy to behold. This is what will make your readers truly yours. After all, what is good writing if not good thinking?

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Blog post written by Cindy Hardy

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