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6 Tips For Self-Publishers To Look Professionally Published

With thousands of books both online and off-line you’re going to want to catch the attention of as many readers as possible. There’s lots of competition so naturally if you’re a self publisher each aspect and element of your book needs to come off as professional.

  1. Print the script and keep it old school
    There’s something with having things in physical form that makes them easier to understand and decrypt. If you have yet to do it try printing your books manuscript and editing it on paper. I know computers are great and all but trust me this is really going to help you find any errors you might have missed.

By going through and reviewing your book this way you’ll be able to check things like margins, chapter headings, word placement within the bulk of your book, and other things that really only appear in front of your eye when its on paper just like how your book will be when it’s printed at the end of the publishing process.

  1. The readers before the readers
    It’s advised that you get a group of beta readers together to go over your book and read it through. I mean you can simply have friends, family, or an open group of people to go over and critique your book for one last check before you finally publish it. Trust me it’s important that you do this, I can almost guarantee they’re going to find something that you missed.

Imagine this you just published your book, all the contents been put together, you sold a few copies, and then bam you get an email saying I seen “blah blah blah” on page 45 that is phrased incorrectly in your book. Now this is impacting your time because you have to go all the way back into what you’ve written, rewrite it, and so on, either way it’s a mistake that can happen and it’s best to avoid it happening period because it definitely doesn’t make you look professional. So when I say “the readers before the readers”, please don’t miss this step.

  1. Blurbs
    Having a blurb on the back cover of your book is important. Not only does this let the reader peek into what your story is about, it is a professional attribute that tons of authors are incorporating on their book cover designs because it works. The industry standard for a blurb is around 100 to 180 words, so you don’t need to go writing something superlong, keep it short, concise, and reveal just a little bit of your book.

If you don’t know where to start my suggestion would be to look at a few other books that you have lying around the house. Don’t have any books at home? Go to the library, go to the bookstore, look on Google images, do whatever you have to do to get a better idea of what it looks like to be a best-selling author. These things are easy to do and easy not to do. By missing out on a small step or piece of content that is crucial can really have an impact on sales. You also find that a lot of books accomplish this by briefly introducing the primary protagonist with something that correlates with their mission in the book.

  1. Testimonial Gold
    A testimonial on your book is going to have a huge impact on the way it affects readers. This allows them to get someone else’s perspective and opinion on what your book has to offer. A good testimonial might sound something like this ” Wow, this book was so hard to put down, I finished it smiling.” or “Great story with awesome characters and amazing emotional connection.”.

I’ve had authors who want the testimonial on the front cover and authors want the testimonials on the back, both of them do great as long as you have a testimonial somewhere in your book cover design. Testimonials come naturally, you might get them from your beta readers, other authors, editors, or other people out there that have just read your book. What im trying to say is that testimonials are valuable proof, they are no doubt part of how you can increase the amount of books you sell.

  1. Make it available
    There are companies like Createspace, Smashwords, and many others that make it easy to have both your e-book and print version of your book both available to the public. I mean come on 50 years ago it was a lot harder to get a book published trust me, there were fewer resources, and Internet wasn’t even around.

How many of your friends have cell phones? Are they online? Then they are probably familiar with ebooks becoming increasingly popular, I mean your phone is an e-book or should I say has the capability to be one. If you have Internet access that alone gives you the ability to connect to the largest collection of books ever.

So get out there, make yourself available, publishing a book these days can happen in just a few clicks. Don’t get me wrong there will be work involved with the writing but if you like doing it why not do it to its fullest potential.

  1. Gloss or Matte Paper
    Gloss and matte book cover designs both do an excellent job at presenting your book, the price difference isn’t to big but it doesn’t hurt to learn a few things about each of them before you decide.

With a glossy cover the colors will likely pop more, the book will have a shiny fresh sheen, and will look exaggerated by reflecting light. A matte print is going to have a smoother feel, won’t reflect light, which in turn will still make for a great looking book cover. Either way the choice you make isn’t really genre specific its just another part of what you’ve visualized and made your book to be.

Hopefully by now you see where I’m going with this, when you’re self publisher it is you that decides the outcome of your book. With research, some confidence, and the strength to take action, there is no reason you can’t be selling thousands of books.

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