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Can you take my ideas and turn them into a cover design?

Of course we can!

I found an image that could work for my book cover design but it might need some modification. Is that something you guys can handle?


Where do you get the images that you use on book covers?

Our main source for stock images is Shutter Stock.

Do you base your designs solely on the client's suggestions?

It’s usually combined with a bit of our own style and the clients vision. This is why we have each person fill out a book cover design order form, so we know exactly what we’re creating before we start.

Will I own the rights to the book cover design after it is finished?

Yes, the rights will be 100% in your hands, all we ask is that you give us credit for creating the design.

How long does it take to get my book cover designed?

Typically it will take us around 3-5 days to design a book cover and another 10-15 days if you want us to illustrate the book cover as well.

What is the difference between ordering a eBook cover design and a eBook & print book cover design?

When ordering just a eBook cover design we focus on creating only the front cover design. If you need the front, spine, and back of your books cover designed then order a eBook & print book cover design.

Does a print book cover design include layout of the back-cover text (provided by me, of course).

Yes, you can submit that information on our order form after paying.

Do you guys print the book covers?

No, we give you the images and files you need for that.

Are there any discounts available?

Use the coupon code FIRSTCOV to get 10% off your first custom book cover design.